After such a long silence, I feel I owe an explanation to the readers of this blog. In July, after listening to some interesting talks at the TEDx Nairobi, I was mugged by some guys with a panga and I was injured in my head while I was walking home. Luckily enough, nothing too serious happened to me, though I needed a few weeks to recover. The plan/hope now is to restart blogging at the usual speed (which has never been very fast anyway…!)

I’d also like to share something disturbing that I discovered during my hospitalization: Hundreds of people are detained in hospitals because they are unable to pay their medical bills. In other words, hospitals turn into jails if you don’t have cash to pay, no matter if you are a 3-months-old infant or a 80-years-old grandma.  I could not find much on this topic (except for the video below and an article here). If you have any interesting reads on the topic, please share.