I PAID A BRIBE is a new Kenyan website where citizens can report when they are forced to pay “kitu kidogo” (“a little something” aka “bribes” in Kiswahili) as well as stories when they refused to pay officials.

The website is still under construction, though there are already some interesting analytics.

The website is full of stories of how corruption affects the daily life of Kenyans. Contributors tell three type of stories: “I Paid a Bribe”, telling the usual stories of corruption. “I didn’t pay a bribe”, reporting when they refused to pay bribes and the reactions of officials. And finally “I didn’t have to pay a bribe”, telling stories of well functioning offices and officials.

In my experience, as a European living in Kenya, I know that corruption is all around me but I’ve never experienced it personally, so I’ve never really grasped the details of how bribery occurs, how officials ask for money and which kinds of offices are most likely to ask for the infamous kitu kidogo. If the website develops as I hope, it will become a very valuable account of corruption in Kenya as well as a tool against one of the biggest obstacles to development in the country.

h/t Evan Lieberman