I was very happy to see that many of my favourite international development blogs have published their end-of-the-year blog statistics (i.e. number of views, number of regular readers, most popular posts, etc). Though, looking at these numbers can be daunting for new bloggers who struggle to go beyond zero views per day.  So, in order to cheer up all of us new bloggers I have decided to publish the Kariobangi Blog statistics. Though, before laughing, please remember that Kariobangi is only a little more than 2 months old!

So.. the number of views is … 297 .. which makes it an average of 4.2 views per day. I know that the number is very small, but I am happy considering that I have started posting only at the end of October 2011 and parts of the blog are still under construction. I would like to thank all  the people who visited Kariobangi and I encourage you  to continue commenting and sharing.

Here are  the 2011 stats of more popular development blogs (at least the ones that I follow):


Chris Blattman blog: 857,833

From Poverty to Power by Duncan Green: 291,712

A View from the Cave: 75,959

Marc Bellemare: 29,911

Haba na Haba: 25,118

And here’s a pretty histogram of the average daily views:

I know, I have a long way to go! Let me know if I forgot to mention other blogs (which have shared their statistics), and I will update the graph.

In terms of plans for 2012, I will try to increase the number of weekly posts and to build a new section entirely dedicated to the businesses operating in Kariobangi. The idea is to show the products made in the area, the spaces where people work and their stories. Entrepreneurs always ask me to do some positive marketing of the area (and free of charge). I’ll have to think a smart way of doing it. Suggestions are welcome!