View of Kariobangi market

What is Kariobangi? And who is writing this blog?

First off, Kariobangi is two things:

In the real world, it is a neighborhood in the east part of Nairobi where small entrepreneurship thrives. Entrepreneurs in the area manufacture all kinds of goods, from pool tables to restaurant equipment, clothes, agricultural machinery, shoes, weighing scales and lots of other things. Despite (or thanks to) its proximity to major informal settlements in Nairobi (Korogocho, Dandora, Mathare), Kariobangi has become an important pool of production and employment in the city.

In the virtual world, Kariobangi is now a blog focusing on industrial development, entrepreneurship, finance as well as a bunch of random things related to Kenya and Africa at large. This is also an academic blog, so expect links to interesting research projects and/or theories of local development.

Second question, who is taking care of this blog?

My name is Edoardo Totolo, I am an Italian PhD student based in Nairobi and affiliated with the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Nairobi. I spent quite some time in Kariobangi collecting data on SMEs and now I am doing the analysis and writing my dissertation. For any questions, comments or contributions you can reach me at or follow me on twitter @kariobangiblog. If you want to know more about my background, my LinkedIn page is here.